Headway Iniciate Remote Service to Fight the Coronavirus


To prevent and control the Coronavirus, Headway Technology Group initiated its remote customer system to provide an accurate and efficient service through digital technology and the comprehensive global service network. Up to now, Headway received excellent feedback on their actions.


With the stricter control on the epidemic, problems such as port shutdown and limitation on international travel gradually start to bother the BWMS manufacturers. Foreseeing the dilemma, Headway launched a task force to provide remote service on BWMS commission during the Chinese New Year. “The moment we receive the commissioning ticket, all relevant engineers will be able to access detail information such as the basic design of the ship, AIS position, and Technical documentation. With teleconference, the task force will issue a detailed commissioning procedure to guide the ship operator to go through the pipelines and the status of each component. With the automatically generated log file, Headway will be able to provide the final parameter settings and finish the commissioning with a successful trial.” Said the leader of the Headway task force, “Enforced by the stable performance, standardized procedure, and digital platform, remote commissioning of BWMS become feasible.” Satisfied by Headway’s remote service, an American shipowner commended: ”It only took us three days to finish the remote commissioning of the system. I’m deeply impressed by the stability, safety barrier and user-friendly intelligent interface”.


Headway’s global service network and spare parts warehouses also rendered outstanding service. Headway’s spare parts warehouses located in Singapore, Netherlands and U.S. played essential roles in delivering spare parts to customers, while authorized engineers in Taiwan Province, Sri Lanka and Singapore finished technical support and commissioning for several ships.


The inconvenience caused by Coronavirus is a touchstone of Headway’s service system. Headway is confident in solving all technical problems. During the Chinese New Year and Coronavirus period, Headway accomplished 12 commissioning and 31 annual inspection & technical support. Up to now, Headway’s global spare houses maintained stable stock. The manufacturing and global service team are also working under the direction of Headway’s Health Assurance Procedure. Headway will stand by the customer, isolate the virus but keep the service will always online.

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