Leading the future of smart shipping! Headway IEEMS received CCS certification


Recently, the onboard intelligent energy efficiency management system jointly developed by Headway Technology Group (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Maritime University, has obtained the type approval certificate issued by China Classification Society (CCS), marking a crucial progress made by Headway in the field of ship intelligence. It is reported thatthe system can intelligently collect, analyze and calculate ship data and marine climate data in real time, relying on artificial intelligence technology, so as to monitor the navigation conditions, energy efficiency distribution, energy conversion efficiency, etc. comprehensively and put forward optimization suggestions, achieving fine management of ship energy efficiency. It is an important part of Headway's low-carbon solutions for shipping.

As introduced, Headway's intelligent energy efficiency management system integrates cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things(IOT), edge computing, and big data analysis. By collecting ship sensor data, it establishes a computing brain on the ship side to integrate, analyze, and process the data. At the same time, the system utilizes machine learning algorithms to continuously improve and optimize computing performance, predict the future trends of energy consumption and energy efficiency, with a prediction accuracy rate of up to 99.96%. In addition, the system data can be interacted with the shore side through the cloud server, enabling operators to grasp the ship's navigation status anytime and anywhere through mobile phones, computers, and other terminals.

Adhering to the corporate vision of "innovation for better low-carbon solution," Headway actively focuses on the green and intelligent future development trends of the shipping industry, organically integrates the four modules of "production, learning, research, and application," and insists on innovative research and development and intelligent manufacturing to create solutions based on the three core areas of carbon neutrality, water treatment, and smart shipping. In the future, Headway will continue to focus on the frontier technological ecology of the shipping industry, providing green, safe, sustainable, and intelligent low-carbon shipping solutions and services for global ships.

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