Headway's Refreshment in Nor-shipping, Low Carbon Solution for Modern Shipping


From June 6 to 9 June 2023, one of the most significant marine clusters in the world, the 29th Nor-Shipping was held in Oslo, Norway. Headway Technology Group presented low-carbon solutions together with all other products of marine ecology. On the 2nd day of the exhibition, a unique low-carbon theme seminar was held at the Headway booth. To address the shipping industry’s concern, Headway team shared with the audience the latest research and innovative products such as Low Flash-point Fuel Supply System for Methanol, duplex scrubber+ carbon capture solution and Air Lubrication System. The speech aroused enthusiastic responses among attendees, and many visitors expressed their intention to further cooperate with Headway. 

Nor-shipping is one of the world's most known maritime exhibitions, following the SMM2022 in Germany. The exhibition area of this exhibition is 30,011 square meters, and the number of exhibitors reaches 671, fostering a good communication and cooperation platform for exhibitors, buyers and visitors from all over the world. 

At the seminar, Headway project engineers shared with the audience the latest cutting-edge information and regulatory updates of the shipping industry and introduced their latest independent R&D achievements, such as Low Flash-point Fuel Supply System for Methanol, duplex scrubber+ carbon capture solution. According to reports, OceanGuard® LFSS is suitable for Sea/river-going methanol dual-fuel ships. The system includes methanol fuel supply module, heat exchange system, nitrogen generator system and security control system.  OceanGuard® Exhaust Gas Cleaning System provides flexible designs like U-type, I-type and L-type scrubbers according to space availability onboard. Variety like open, closed and hybrid solutions, together with advanced ultra-fine atomization technology attaches to it many advantages such as no packing layers, low back pressure and low energy consumption.  When integrating Headway Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage System (which provides no less than 80% decarbonization efficiency and produces CO2 with purity over 99.6%), the EGCS enables ships to continue to use high-sulphur oil at full load and reduces ship fuel costs by about 25%. In addition, the Seminar also mentioned the latest air lubrication system developed by Headway, which also attracted much attention. 

Deeply engaged in the global market for many years, Headway has defined her vision of “Innovation for better low-carbon solution " based on her experience in the BWMS and all previous products. Headway is focusing on carbon neutrality and the trend of ship intelligence. In the future, Headway will continue to upgrade her global service network, online technical training and service platform to provide users with comprehensive, around-the-clock and localized low-carbon solutions and technical services for a green, smart, and sustainable shipping industry.

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