Headway Demonstrated Responsibility by sharing Its Service Station


Recently, the Ballastwater Equipment Manufacturers Association (BEMA) conducted the first meeting in 2020 through teleconference. During which, Headway Technology Group Co., Ltd. was elected to the board of directors of BEMA. With the election, Headway has become the first and only Chinese BWMS manufacturer that ever-become board member of an international association.

During the teleconference, Headway announced a proposal titled “Fight the Coronavirus Together and Share the Service Platform.” Headway offered necessary supplies for all BEMA members and won the appreciation. The chairman of BEMA speaks highly on Headway’s dedication and call on all members to provide support to each other and overcome the impact caused by Coronavirus. Furthermore, to improve the level of service of the industry during the period, and coordinate with the anti-epidemic policy of different regions, Headway also offered to share its service platform in China. Headway mentioned in the proposal: “We would like to share our specialized task force in China and provide the service such as 3D Scanning, Technical Support, and After-sales Service for all BWMS brands so that the customer can have timely, professional service.” Participants responded positively to Headway’s proposal and established a specific discussion on the topic.

Headway’s technical director introduced after the meeting: Headway has been working on building a comprehensive global service network for the past decade. We have a deep understanding of the time and economic cost of building a professional service team. Currently, affected by the anti-epidemic policy, the service engineers of certain manufacturers cannot travel to China. The situation leads to a serve delay of the service, such as 3D Scanning, Commissioning, Technical Support, and aftersales service. By sharing our service platform, we wish to solve the problem of customers and supply what they need. Together with all BEMA members, we could be able to provide the shipowners with a better ballast water management solution and build an all-win ‘Industrial Community of Common Destiny.’” The Chairman of BEMA, Mark Riggio, mentioned that “We would greatly appreciate having Headway’s unique perspective and experience on the board. Especially during the period, Headway’s gesture demonstrated great responsibility as a leading member of the industry. BEMA is looking forward to closer cooperation with Headway!”

Established in 2017, BEMA is an independent organization representing vendors, suppliers, and key partners in the ballast water treatment industry by providing coordinated, technical, non-commercial guidance to the market. BEMA’s board of directors is elected by all members. Within the term of service, Headway will fulfill the responsibility, to promote the development of industry on the technical and market aspects, reinforce the communication between manufacturers and shipowners. Also, Headway will keep bringing its superiority into maximum and provide the best ballast water management, exhaust gas cleaning, communication and navigation solutions.

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