Headway Received High Praise from Customers at the Hong Kong Seminar


On 14th June, Headway Technology Group participated in the ISC BWMS Annual Seminar, held by the Hong Kong Branch of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers in Indian Recreation Club, Hong Kong. Many guests participated in this meeting, such as more than 40 shipowners, the represents of ISC, Classification Society, the marine organizations and so on.

At the meeting, the sales manager of Headway introduced the certifications obtained by Headway: OceanGuard®BWMS has obtained all main certifications including the IMO new G8 code and USCG so that it has the most certifications  in this field.

Facing the increasing demand in BWMS market of retrofitting ship and the urgent requirement of ship owners for the delivery date, the sales manager of Headway said firmly: "on the one hand, Headway's new BWMS factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, which can achieve the annual production capacity of 1,000 sets, and meeting the demand of different ship types for BWMS. On the other hand, self-developed filters without outsourcing greatly shorten the production cycle of BWMS. Therefore, Headway also stocks enough common types of filters to meet the special requirements of customers for delivery time. Meanwhile, Headway has four spare parts stores in Singapore, Holland, Japan and the United States, which can meet the needs of customers in different regions nearby. In terms of after-sales service, to provide customers with timely and localized after-sales service, Headway has established a perfect after-sales service network in 120 service stations in 56 countries by recruiting and training qualified after-sales service engineers. Engineers can be arranged nearby to install and commission equipment for customers.”

Then, everyone raised glasses to congratulate the opening of the annual meeting in a earnest toast, which also brought the party to a climax. Then the host asked the guests an impromptu question: which one has used the OceanGuard® BWMS? We welcome one guest to share his idea about the experience of OceanGuard®BWMS. Once the host finished, guests on the scene raise their hands one after the other. The host looked around and gave the microphone to the two most active shipowners, the one  had installed OceanGuard ® BWMS on VLGC ship in 2016,the other one was on the bulk carrier in 2017,and said: OceanGuard® BWMS were in good operation in the sea areas that we reached without any systemic faults .Headway can give feedback and provide nice service in time when we need in installation and commissioning and can solve problems in time, that give us a deep impression. The episode is the most beautiful movement in this annual meeting for Headway, and no doubt these two customers have become the main theme of this movement.

Heart deliver warm and time will give you a surprise. Headway adheres to the customer-centric principle to spare no efforts to meet customers’ needs and always be in the efforts to provide high-end marine equipment. After years of hard-working and efforts in the ballast water industry, Headway has finally gained recognition and praise from customers. Every word of praise from customers will become the inexhaustible power for Headway to brave the wind and waves in the high-end marine equipment industry. In response to the restriction for exhausting sulfur in 2020, OceanGuard BWMS has been launched and Headway will provide advanced and efficient exhaust gas cleaning solutions.

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