Headway to Initiate the New Practice on Low Carbon:Introducing a Duplex Solution with “Desulphurization + Decarbonization” on STSA


Headway Technology Group Co., Ltd. was recently invited to the “2023(spring) Shanghai Maine Technical ship Management Conference” hosted by Shanghai Technical Superintendent Association (SATA). During the conference, Headway delivered a speech on the Duplex Solution with OceanGuard® Exhaust Gas Cleaning System and OceanGuard® Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage System which gained the attention of attendees.

In the speech, Headway focused on the topic of “The Application and Exploration of Combining Onboard EGCS and CCUS” and provided a detailed explanation of the relevant convention and the statistical data on existing vessels, and how OceanGuard’s duplex solution can benefit ship owners. OceanGuard® EGCS applies ultra-micro atomization technology to avoid impact on the main engine’s backpressure. Enhanced by intelligent logic control, the system can adjust consumption for maximum effect. Furthermore, OceanGuard® CCUS, with its high-speed centrifuge technology and independently researched absorber, can remove 85% of carbon dioxide emitted, making a breakthrough compared to the conventional scrubber. 

Through the combination of “Desulphurization + Decarbonization”, Headway can provide efficient emission control solutions to vessels of different types, sizes, and courses. Additionally, Headway is providing a “Decarbonization Ready” solution to customers when retrofitting EGCS.

As one of the most venerable events among the vessel superintendents, SATA has provided a platform for technical communication. The conference in 2023 is themed “Exploring Marine Technology and Build Intelligence Shipping Together”. Celebrated experts were invited to the event.  Headway, as one of the invited speakers, delivered a speech on the new practices in low-carbon shipping, which won the attention of all guests in attendance. Headway will continue to stick to the mission of “Innovation for Better Low Carbon Solution” and contribute to the green and sustainable development of the marine industry.

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