Headway Participated in the Norway Marine Exhibition


Headway Technology Group participated in the Norway Maine Exhibition (Nor-shipping) which is held in Oslo from 4th  June  to 7th June,2019  with its popular products, OceanGuard® Ballast Water Management System and OceanGuard® Exhaust Gas Cleaning System.

During the exhibition, a number of representatives from famous shipping companies visited Headway’s booth and 18 representatives of them signed ballast water treatment system contracts with Headway at the scene. One of the shipowners selected headway as the ballast water solution supplier due to the poor service and high power consumption of the products provided by the previous supplier.” Headway brings perfect service experience as its perfect and timely global service network.” One of represents said,After a period of operation, we found that the power consumption of the previous equipment was too high. In order to ensure the basic operation of the system under poor water quality, we even had to buy an additional generator. However, the headway OceanGuard® ballast water treatment system can be in good operation without reducing the flow rate and obvious change in power under water quality, and this is a very excellent experience for us.”

During the exhibition, headway presented the OceanGuard® Ballast Water Management System and Exhaust Gas Clean System through 3D image technology and it attracted many visitors to stop and watch.

OceanGuard® Ballast Water Management System not only has the characteristics of low energy consumption, but also conforms to the USCG treatment standard in ballast water treatment -- no hydrogen, chlorine and other harmful substances, no corrosion to the hull. At the same time, the compact design and small footprint make it easy to install OceanGuard® Ballast Water Management System on new ships and retrofitted ships.

OceanGuard® Exhaust Gas Clean System is based on multi-physical fields of flow field, temperature and concentration simulation, the optimized design ensures that desulfurization efficiency can up to 99%. Under the premise of guaranteeing the effect, the Exhaust Gas Clean System has the characteristics of low power consumption and low water consumption.

Headway OceanGuard® series of products can not only continuously win the trust of old customers, but also get the favor of new customers in the limited time during exhibition. This is not only because of the reliable quality and good performance of Headway OceanGuard® series products, but also Headway’s global service network, which can provide clients with timely and high-quality services.

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