Where there is a Zither Harps, There Will be the Accompaniment of Flute


SMM 2018 has comes to a successful end on 7th September. With the performance of traditional Chinese music with zither and flute, Headway Technology Co., Ltd. has finalized contracts of 80 sets of BWMS.

 During the exhibition, Headway specially invited two professors from International College of Music Hamburg to perform traditional Chinese music such as Mo Li Hua and Butterfly Lovers. Many visitors were captivated by the symphony of Chinese zither and European flute.

 With the elegant play of music, Headway has made more handshakes on BWMS with four customers from Germany and Norway. Among the customer, HARTMANN has a long cooperation history on retrofitting and newbuilding projects including LPG Carriers, Container Carriers and VLEC carriers with Headway since the year 2013. With the flexible supply cycle and comprehensive one-stop service, Headway made a brilliant impression on the customer. One ship crew told Headway Service Engineer during training: “OceanGuard® has made a very good reputation in our company for the compact design, friendly interface and stable quality”.

 Many company has also confirmed contracts with Headway and concludes a perfect end on Headway’s SMM exhibition.


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