Headway Clinched China’s First RINA Approval on CCUS


Recently, Headway’s Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage System clinched the AiP certificate issued by RINA. Headway is the first Chinese CCUS manufacturer to obtain such a certificate, and this milestone states another major recognition of the independently R&D CCUS with the advantages of high efficiency, compact size, low consumption, and convenient operation.

CCUS is considered to be the most economical and feasible way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a large scale and slow down global warming. The system can capture, and store CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) produced by the ship's engines, to help customers effectively control their carbon emissions.

With years of research, Headway applied HiGee RPB technology to accelerate the carbon capture process while scaling down the size of the Capturing Unit. Shipowners can benefit from the technology with the advantages such as high efficiency, compact size, and convenient operation.

Furthermore, Headway’s CCUS can operate by waste heat and excess steam, which can save up to 40% power consumption when compared to conventional CCUS technology. Moreover, when installed with OceanGuard® Exhaust Gas Cleaning System, the combination can save up to 25% of the fuel cost.

It is reported that the Headway carbon capture and storage system is complied with the EEXI and CII rules issued by the IMO in 2021. It can work under various working loads when the ship is sailing and can autonomously calculate and adjust the CO2 collection ratio to meet the request of IMO’s new regulations for the limits of EEXI and CII. In addition, Headway can also conduct customized layout design of each part of the module of the CCUS system, to make it suitable for different ship spaces.

Headway, as a high-tech enterprise with the purpose of scientific and technological innovation, has independently developed and launched high-profile marine products such as new Marine Fuel (LNG/LPG, Methanol) Supply System and marine Exhaust Gas Cleaning System in recent years, which have been recognized by various customers. Next, Headway will continue the effort to introduce upgraded solutions and high-end products which are suitable for ship installation for global partners and contribute to the carbon emission reduction and sustainable development of the shipping industry.

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