New Starting Point to Build a Dream Voyage


Headway Group Held the New Building Opening in 2019

Dragon drum and golden lion bring blessing and good luck. On 17th, Jan 2019, Headway technology group ushered in the history of a new milestone - the opening of new building. Standing at a new starting point, opening a bright future. The opening of new building would write a new chapter in which the group would break the cocoon into a butterfly. The leaders of Qingdao municipal government and Laoshan district government, the representatives of specially invited domestic and foreign enterprise, friends from the media and all the staff of Headway group witnessed this exciting historic moment. 

The new building inauguration was started at 9:58am. The chairman of Headway group firstly made a speech, on behalf of all staff of Headway group, he expressed a warmly welcome to the guests from all sectors of society attending the inauguration, and reviewed the hard work and development of Headway group since its establishment 13 years ago. He said, since its establishment, Headway group has experienced the development history from small to big, from weak to strong. Relied on the consistently focus, professionalize and concentrate on ballast water management system and high-end ship spares products, consistently with technology innovation and research & development as the main development direction, and has built a "one-stop" service network around the world, taking the spirit of enterprise "service, innovation, win-win", solid and presistant, gradually grow up to be industry leader.

Headway Group's development was attributable to the help and support from all sectors of society, and he expressed gratitude to the government leaders at all levels, new and old customers and friends from all walks of life for the support and trust to Headway group, also expressed gratitude to all the staff of Headway group for their enthusiasm and hard work, kept the original heart and faith firmly "Innovation business will never be completed, only on-going". Looking forward to the bright future of writing a new era, win-win development and creating a brilliant future together, Headway group would take the new building inauguration as an opportunity to continue to repay customers' support and great kindness of all sectors of society with first-class products and high-quality services.

Later, Mr. Zhu Yongshi, general manager of Qingdao branch of China classification society, and leaders of Laoshan district government of Qingdao delivered speeches. The leaders highly praised Headway for its solid, pragmatic work style, and positively affirmed the positive role of Headway in promoting the development of Marine industry based on the blue ocean strategy.

There was an ancient Chinese poem that goes “Thousands of sails have gone through and hundreds strive to be the first”. The new building inauguration marked that Headway group would set sail with new image and new look. This was not only the new milestone of Headway group’s infrastructure, but also the new starting point of Headway group service, research and development, production, marketing towards standardization, demonstration, laid a solid foundation to provide customers better products and services for Headway group in the future.

After the inauguration, all guests visited the new building. The new building was of 41,323 ㎡, multiple functions, and reasonable layout. It would greatly increase the production capacity of Headway after coming into use.

After the visiting, Headway technology group invited all present guests, agents and peers to take part in the annual meeting which subject was “Work Together with Heart, Build the Dream Voyage”, to enjoy the grand ceremony and to look into the new year.

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