Headway in Scandinavia: A Trustworthy Partner with Higher Safety Standards


Endowed with abundant nature resources and well-developed shipping industries, the Scandinavia region has been the visionary and leader in implementing Ballast Water Management, Exhaust Gas Cleaning, and Fuel Gas Supplying regulations and technologies. Such a profound history also brings up shipowners that have a better understanding of the technologies and products.

As a result, manufacturers of marine equipments scrambled to get the cooperation from Scandinavian shipowners.

Headway Technology Group Co., Ltd. is one of those manufacturers that succeeded.

Headway's regional executive on Scandinavian is proud of the reason: "With higher safety standards, shipowners, especially those who operates tankers, knocked on our door for cooperation." One customer told the executive that OceanGuard® Ballast Water Management System had been non-malfunction and disassemble-free operation for thousands of hours. The stable performance made the customer determined to choose Headway as their trustworthy partner.

The safety barriers of OceanGuard® BWMS is the assurance that enhanced the confident of Scandinavian shipowners, especially tanker owners, to apply Headway's BWMS solutions.

Recognized by Comprehensive Type Approvals

Starting from the R&D phase, Headway has been diligently working with one of the leading classification societies, DNV GL, to verify the functionalities of OceanGuard® BWMS. Passing all tests with excellent performance, OceanGuard® became the first BWMS that obtained full-scale DNV type approval.

Years after that, Headway perfected the product through cooperation with world-leading laboratories including NIVA, DHI, FORCE Technology and TÜV-SÜD. Those experiences testified and improved the Biological Efficiency, Stability, Shipboard Compatibility and Safety Assurance of OceanGuard® BWMS.

Recognized by its comprehensive type approvals and dependable quality, OceanGuard® BWMS won the favor of many giant tanker owners in Scandinavia, such as STENA, TEEKAY, TORM, HAFNIA, NORDIC AMERICAN TANKERS, KLAVENESS and FURETANK.

Series of Interlocking Barriers Safeguards Every Voyage

For OceanGuard® BWMS, Safety is not only a function but also an interlocking system that safeguards every voyage. 

Cooperate with the world's leading authorities such as DNV GL and LR, OceanGuard® BWMS constructed a serious of safety barriers, including: "One Key Operation" to prevent maloperation, "Encrypted Control System" for better tamper-proof functionality, "Real-time multi parameter monitoring" to ensure the operation, and "Native Service Engineers" to maximize the effect of safety training. 

Furthermore, OceanGuard® was also the firsts to obtained Safety Integrity Level (SIL) certificate issued by DNV GL and ran a full-scale Risk Study under the guidance of LR's Assessment of Risk Based Designs (ARBD). All explosion-proof components of the system are certified.

As the Professional manufacturing and service provider of high-tech marine equipments, Headway Technology Group asserted a higher safety standard on all products to contribute new technologies, new products, and new patterns for safer, greener shipping industry. Headway is and will always be a trustworthy partner for customers across the world.

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