Headway Made a Breakthrough in New FGSS by a 5+5 Cooperation Agreement with Rui Neng Ocean Shipping


Recently, Headway Technology Group Co., Ltd. signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Rui Neng Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. As per the agreement, Headway and Rui Neng Ocean Shipping will establish deep cooperation on Fuel Gas Supply Systems, Ballast Water Management Systems, Communication & Navigation Systems, and Intelligent Ship Management System to effectuate mutual development. Management of Headway and Rui Neng Ocean Shipping were present at the signing ceremony.

Rui Neng Ocean Shipping utilize its excellent and competitive team to provide LNG tank shipping links as an essential part of the whole industry chain and ensure the LNG tank virtual pipeline's safety, smoothness, and efficiency.

Rui Neng's CEO spoke highly of Headway's achievements in marine equipments during the ceremony and looking forward to accomplishing mutual benefits through cooperation: “Together with Headway, Rui Neng Ocean Shipping will continuously contribute to the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ and provide an economical solution for LNG tank transportation's ‘last nautical mile’”. 

It is reported that Headway's OceanGuard® FGSS was another proud result of resource integration and technical research. The system can provide Self Pressure Built-up, Low Pressure, High Pressure, and BOG fuel gas supply solution for vessels fitted with different propulsion systems. Furthermore, by the breakthroughs in processing technology, automation of safety barriers, and safety control management, OceanGuard® FGSS has significantly increased core technology and components' independence.

During the ceremony, Headway's R&D director stated that Maritime Intelligence and Alternative Energy would play a vital part in the development of the shipping industry. As the professional manufacturing and service provider of high-tech marine equipments, Headway has always been committing to integrating "Industry, University, Research and Application".  Headway will take strategic cooperation with Rui Neng Ocean Shipping to improve the quality of service and empower the shipping industry's development into a greener, safer, and more efficient path. 

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