Headway in Italy: From 1 to 1,500


Recently, Headway Technology Group (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. successfully delivered three sets of OceanGuard® Ballast Water Management System to an Italian shipowner. With the delivery of those systems, Headway has reached a total delivery count of 1,500 sets to customers outside China.


Secret Revealed: Why Cruise Owner Choose Headway?

Italy has a thriving fashion industry and is the cradle of almost half of the world's luxury brands, Italian mastermind also brought up a strict standard on craftsmanship and quality in the shipbuilding industry. Especially, as one of the very few shipbuilding groups who can build cruise ship and naval vessels, Fincantieri has been taken as the "high-land" of manufacturers of marine equipments.

However, this very "high-land" was Headway's "starting line" of the march into the European market.

Dialing the time back to the year 2008, Ballast Water Management System market was ruled by the European giant enterprises, and no Chinese manufacturer has ever closed a deal outside the country until the ice was broken by the cooperation among Headway, Fincantieri and Costa:

"I was astonished by the professionalism and strict requirement of the Italian shipyard and shipowner shown during the project's communication", said the Headway's sales executive. It is until the signing the contract, a representative from Costa explained the reason for the handshake:

"We are more looking into the value and results rather than a plain reference list. Headway is giving me a feel that they are a group of passion-driven doers. I'm willing to give them a try on our retrofitting project."

The cooperation among Headway, Costa and Fincantieri brought Headway a significant reputation in Italy. Prospects from Italy and surrounding countries paid special attention to this new manufacturer, some even assigned representatives for a field visit. Without any exception, Headway's outstanding product quality and professional attitude convinced all those visitors.

This is the story of how Headway becomes the first Chinese manufacturer that ever sold a BWMS to Europe and kept the record of the only Asian BWMS solution provider to cruise ships.

The quality of Headway's OceanGuard BWMS left such an excellent impression to the shipowner, when they are building a new luxury cruise ship, the owner insisted to choose Headway as their BWMS solution provider with no hesitation.


Marching into the European Market with Outstanding Quality

With the accomplishment of several cases on Italy cruise ships, Headway established broad cooperation with shipowners in Italy and other European and American countries:

Till now, among 20% of Headway’s 160 orders from the Italian market are fitted into luxury cruise ships. With the outstanding quality, Headway has become the standard BWMS maker for leading shipyards such as Fincantieri and Meyer. And won the cooperation from giant shipping companies such as Scorpio, Grimaldi, D'Amico, etc. Furthermore, Headway is also the trustworthy BWMS solution provider for the renowned cruise ship owners like Carnival, Aida and Virgin.

With the popularity of OceanGuard® BWMS and its established premium brand image, Headway has been recognized by the industry with the virtues of “Comprehensive Service”, "Advanced Technology", "Dependable Quality" and "Reliable Safety".


In the future, Headway will stick to those virtues and keep pursuing to provide more comprehensive BWMS, EGCS, FGSS and intelligence ship management solution to all customers.

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